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Pisces art print with gold foil detailing
Pisces Gold Foil Star Sign Print
Pisces Gold Foil Star Sign Print

Pisces Gold Foil Star Sign Print

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Water signs, like Pisces, are intuitive, observant and emotional. They can be as mysterious as the ocean itself, and also require security (a container) so things don’t dry up or disappear

Bring The Alchemist to your home with these decidedly weird and distinctly dark gold foil artwork prints. Inspired by our infamous artwork, add touches of gothic and gold to your interior design but make it personal with our astrology zodiac prints

Print details

Size 30cm x 40cm, weight 170gsm

Name: Pisces horoscope print 

Please note the paper used for our Star Sign prints is an off-white colour and is slightly different to our Classic prints, which are printed on stark white paper

Product Specifications 

The Alchemist makes every effort to supply the goods as shown but artwork and illustrations may be subject to slight variation. This artwork includes delicate gold foiling detail which catches and reflects light and may vary in colour as shown. Frame not included within price

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Pisces Gold Foil Star Sign Print